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As a full-service digital agency, we develop digital solutions that focus on perfect usability and user experience.

Projects Good design. Emotional and functional.

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Everything used to be so simple ...

In the past, anyone who wanted to advertise something did so via a few communication channels. For example, in the form of a newspaper ad, a flyer, a poster or an advertising banner. In each case, there was ONE fixed, defined size.

But then came the digital age, with many challenges but also enormous opportunities and chances for companies. Today, new communication channels, digital media and processes need to be redefined and continuously optimized for specific target groups in order to create effective customer and brand experiences. The digital transformation was born, and we, as the digital agency, are supporting our customers in this journey.

Today, everything must be able to adapt ...

Today, digital media must be fit for every screen size. All users want to enjoy an equivalent view on their devices and not feel they have to compromise. Every eventuality must therefore be taken into account. For us, this means that we create our designs in a way that the positive customer experience is maintained. Here, our experienced designers and developers work closely together.

... Everything has to run smoothly ...

We develop individual solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. With an eye for innovation and new technologies as well as our extensive market knowledge, we have been creating cross-channel digital strategies for our clients from a wide range of industries since 1995.

... and look good too!

Customers remember poorly designed media and automatically associate it with the brand or the company behind it. Whether it's a classic website, print material or brand design, today everything has to be conceived specifically for the target group and designed effectively. Then not only the media but also the company will be convincing.

We accompany our customers with a great deal of passion throughout the entire project cycle and develop an individual, innovative and sustainable digital strategy together.

Digital agency / Internet agency - publitec in Essen

Digital presence has long been essential to remain visible in the market, to be found by customers, and to actively engage with them. But the constant change in online marketing makes it anything but easy to always be up-to-date and efficient. Therefore, you can use your resources much better if you rely on an experienced full-service digital agency for your website, your social media channels, and online campaigns. Because they can bring your thoughts and ideas to the point in a target group-appropriate manner, convincing with a sophisticated user experience. This strengthens your business sustainably and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Think digital! - Experts in digital strategies for 25 years

With publitec GmbH, you are supported by an experienced team that likes to think outside the box in order to explore new potential. We have been doing this for 25 years now. During this time, we have been able to experience first-hand how the Internet and all its possibilities have undergone massive change, offering both numerous challenges and opportunities. Our team loves to constantly find new ways and solutions to present our clients' projects in the digital world in the best possible way. And to think "out of the box" in order to stand out clearly from the competition and create true experiences.

Inbound, outbound & surround - from small web projects to digital transformation

Thanks to our many years of experience and a versatile team of experts, we can provide comprehensive support for your projects. Our range of services extends from website creation and shop development to ad campaigns, email and social media marketing, to long-term support in the digital transformation of your company. Of course, always with detailed preliminary advice on your individual situation. And you can count on us for offline marketing too – from logo design to the creation of business cards and an impressive company brochure. Just give us a call so we can start a conversation.