Hosting & Service Professional web hosting for a strong online presence

In the online business, the speed and stability of a website or shop are crucial factors. If there are outages or if the page loads too slowly, customers quickly turn to other options. Therefore, it is especially sensible for businesses not to rely on generic solutions, but to invest in professional management of their online presence. As a full-service agency, we are, of course, happy to take care of this as part of our collaboration. This includes hosting on high-performance servers and continuous website maintenance, to offer customers the optimal customer experience.

THINK focussed

Our clients can focus entirely on their core business, rather than wasting valuable time and personnel resources on website management. We ensure that their online presence shines and is always up to date with the latest technology.

Our hosting services at a glance

  • Website hosting: Provision of hosting services to make the website accessible on the Internet.
  • Domain registration: Support with the registration and administration of domain names, including domain transfer and DNS configuration.
  • Server management: Management of web servers, including configuration, maintenance and security monitoring.
  • Security and data protection: Implementation of security measures such as firewalls, encryption and regular security updates.
  • Backup and recovery: Regular backup and recovery of website data to prevent data loss.
  • Scalability: Provision of scalable hosting solutions to meet needs as the website grows.
  • Performance optimisation: Monitoring and optimisation of website performance, including speed improvements and server utilisation.
    Content Delivery Network (CDN): Integration of a CDN to improve the speed and availability of content worldwide.
  • Email hosting: Provision of email services, including email servers and email accounts with the customer’s domain.
  • Technical support: Technical support available to help with hosting issues or questions.
  • Migration service: Assistance with transferring websites from one hosting provider to another.
  • Uptime guarantee: Provision of guaranteed website availability, usually in the form of an uptime guarantee
  • SSL certificates: Provision of SSL certificates to ensure the security of the website and the encryption of data transmissions.
  • Monitoring and reporting: monitoring hosting performance and providing reports on website performance
  • Compliance and data protection: Compliance with legal requirements and data protection regulations in connection with hosting services.
  • E-commerce hosting: Dedicated hosting services for online shops to ensure secure transactions and a smooth e-commerce experience.
  • TÜV-certified & CO2-neutral

Would you like to entrust the management of your website or shop to professionals, allowing you to fully concentrate on your actual tasks?