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Success usually relies on a clear objective and a sophisticated strategy for action. After all, how can you get there if it is still unclear which path leads in the right direction? In online marketing in particular, it makes a significant difference whether you simply follow the usual concepts or convince with strategies that clearly stand out from the crowd. After all, even the best experiences lose their effect at some point if we have only lived through them often enough.

Something new quickly creates an impressive pull effect. Therefore, it’s best to invest time and resources in innovative strategies that always keep the actual goals in focus. And put your trust in the team of experts at our digital agency with over 25 years of experience.

BE prepared

As a full-service agency specialisised in digital media, we have a wide range of experience in all areas of marketing. This enables us to support our clients at any time in the development of strategies – from targeted short-term consultations on specific cases to comprehensive strategic concepts that include all relevant channels.

Digital strategy development

  • Digital marketing strategy: Development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to the client’s goals and needs.
  • E-commerce strategy: Advice on optimising online sales processes, conversion optimisation and increasing sales.
  • Content strategy: Development of a content strategy to create relevant and engaging content for the target audience.
  • Social media strategy: Development of a strategy to utilise social media for brand promotion, customer loyalty and lead generation.
  • SEO strategy: Development of a search engine optimisation strategy to increase visibility in search engines.
  • SEA strategy: Planning paid advertising campaigns to increase reach and conversion rates.
  • Mobile strategy: Advice on optimising mobile applications and websites to better address mobile users.
  • Email marketing strategy: Development of email marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty, lead nurturing and sales.

Brand development and positioning

  • Brand identity: Support in developing or redesigning the brand identity, including logo design, colour palette and fonts.
  • Brand positioning: Advice on defining and communicating the brand’s uniqueness and values.
  • Competitive analysis: Analysing the competitive landscape to identify opportunities and challenges.

Data Analytics und Reporting

  • Analysis and data interpretation: Monitoring the performance of digital activities, analysing data and identifying trends and opportunities.
  • Reporting: Preparation of reports on the performance of digital marketing activities and recommendations for optimisation.

Technology consulting

  • Software and tool selection: Support in the selection of software and tools to improve digital infrastructure and business processes.
  • Website and app consulting: Advice on developing, improving or redesigning websites and mobile apps.

Digital transformation

  • Strategic planning for digital transformation: Advice on converting business processes and models to digital technologies.
  • Change management: support in implementing changes and training staff for the digital transformation.

Compliance and data privacy

  • Data protection and legal compliance: Advice on compliance with data protection regulations and legal requirements in the digital sector.

Budget and resource planning

  • Budgeting: Support in setting budgets and allocating resources for digital projects and campaigns.
  • ROI analysis: Calculation of the return on investment (ROI) for digital activities and support in optimising investments.

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