Omnichannel-Marketing Customer acquisition & retention across all channels

Reach customers exactly where they are – because that’s how you strengthen your brand, promote sales and tap into new target groups. With a sophisticated omnichannel marketing strategy, we can jointly fuel all relevant channels and seamlessly combine analogue, digital and physical sales.

Naturally with clear concepts for new customer acquisition, customer loyalty or other precisely defined goals. Let’s have a chat to discuss the possibilities and then elevate the marketing with cross-channel strategies to a new level.

Feels like music – skilful orchestration of your sales channels

In a multimedia networked world, new customer acquisition and sales strategies work like music: if you know how to play an instrument, it can make a beautiful sound. But if you manage to put together an entire band or even an orchestra and harmonise it perfectly – that’s when the sound really catches the ear.

That’s why: We look together at the line-up we want to play with and then tune the instruments accordingly. With our team of digital specialists, we advise our customers on all relevant channels in a targeted manner in order to develop an effective omnichannel marketing strategy. So let’s aim to score a chart hit! Metaphorically speaking, of course – unless it’s actually about a new album.

THINK holistic – our omnichannel marketing services

Omnichannel strategies are so effective because they consider not just individual areas but also the overall picture. They guide target groups across various channels up to the point of purchase. With our comprehensive service, our clients are well-positioned – from the first idea to implementation. This includes, among other things, the following services:

  • Strategy development: Development of a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy that takes the customer’s goals and needs into account.
  • Channel integration: Integration and coordination of different marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising and more.
  • Customer segmentation: Segmentation of the target group(s) based on demographic characteristics, behaviours and preferences in order to carry out targeted campaigns.
  • Content strategy: Development of content that is tailored to the various channels and the needs of the target group.
  • Campaign management: Planning, implementation and management of omnichannel marketing campaigns to maximise customer acquisition and retention.
  • Marketing automation: Implementation of marketing automation platforms to simplify campaign management and personalise content.
  • Social media management: Management and updating of social media platforms to increase target group engagement and promote brand awareness.
  • Email marketing: Creating and sending personalised email campaigns for customer retention and acquisition.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): Managing paid search campaigns (e.g. Google Ads) to increase visibility and traffic.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): Implementing SEO best practices to improve organic visibility in search engines.
    Analytics and reporting: Tracking and analysis of marketing campaigns to measure ROI and continuously optimise the strategy.
  • Customer journey mapping: Analysis and visualisation of the customer journey to identify and improve touchpoints and interaction opportunities.
  • Multichannel attribution: Determining the contribution of each marketing channel to conversion in order to allocate the budget efficiently.
  • Continuous optimisation: Continuous adjustment and improvement of the omnichannel marketing strategy based on data and results.
  • Training and consulting: Training of customer staff and consulting on the effective implementation of the omnichannel marketing strategy.
  • Mobile marketing: Development of mobile marketing strategies and campaigns to reach mobile users.

Ready for more success through skilful omnichannel marketing?