E-Commerce Design & development of e-commerce experience

Anyone who wants to sell successfully can hardly ignore e-commerce anymore. Here, customers can shop regardless of location and time, and impulse purchases happen without delay. It is, of course, important that an online store is comfortably accessible via smartphone and that purchasing processes work smoothly. To ensure this, we support our customers with our comprehensive know-how.

From sophisticated web design for a powerful shop presence to comprehensive e-commerce strategies across all channels. Whether you’re just starting with the first shop or want to take your online business to a new level: Together, we analyze the status quo so we can then develop the right solution. Because right now, a strong online presence is more important than ever to continue to exist in the market.

Rock the system! – From Shopware to Woo(hoo)Commerce

Of course, our e-commerce experts are well-versed in all common shop systems and can provide optimal advice in this area. So, the process always starts with an in-depth conversation, allowing us to gain a precise understanding of the target groups, as well as the business goals and workflows. Subsequently, our experts will make a specific proposal for the implementation of the new online shop. In doing this, we primarily work with Shopware, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, or Oxid eShop, as we have had the best experiences with these systems.

However, if there are already other ideas in place, we are of course happy to set up the corresponding shop software and take care of effectively aligning the sales channels.

And don’t worry if there are still uncertainties in the area of e-commerce: We take care of the complete preparation of the online shop – including payment integration and the connection of sensible programming interfaces to existing systems. And then we train the employees in handling the shop system, so that the new possibilities can be used efficiently.

THINK digital! – Our services for the creation of online shops & e-commerce strategies

As a digital agency, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive all-around service for e-commerce projects – from the initial idea to the ongoing technical support of the online shop. Among other services, you can count on the following:

  • E-commerce strategy consulting: Advice on developing an e-commerce strategy that is tailored to the client’s goals and needs.
  • Online store design: Creating an appealing and user-friendly design for the online store that reflects the client’s brand identity.
  • E-commerce platform selection: Selection of the appropriate e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento) based on the client’s requirements and goals.
  • Product data management: Setting up and maintaining an efficient database for product information, including product images, descriptions and prices.
  • Payment processing: Integration of secure payment processing systems to accept online payments from customers.
  • Shopping cart and checkout functionality: Implementation of a smooth shopping process with shopping cart, checkout and shipping options.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Implementation of SEO best practices to increase the visibility of the online store in search results.
  • Multichannel integration: Connection to sales channels such as Amazon, eBay or social media to maximize product recall.
  • Inventory management: Implementation of a system to monitor and manage stock levels in real time.
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) optimization: Designing a user-friendly and intuitive interface to increase conversion rates.
  • Mobile optimization: Ensuring that the online store works and displays optimally on mobile devices.
  • Security measures: Implementing security protocols to protect customer data and transactions.
  • Analytics and reporting: Setting up tools to monitor store performance and create reports to optimize sales strategy.
  • Training and support: Training of store staff to manage and update the online store and ongoing technical support.
  • Maintenance and updates: Regular maintenance, software updates and security patches to maintain the performance and security of the store.
  • Marketing integration: Integration of marketing tools to promote online marketing, customer loyalty and upselling.
  • Legal compliance: Ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and data protection regulations in the e-commerce sector.

Ready to launch or take your e-commerce to the next level?