Conception & Design Reach & inspire - with gripping user experience & usability

At the beginning of a project, there is usually just a goal or an idea. The key to success is then to think the initial idea through consistently, develop possible alternatives and extensions and finally go into realisation with a clear and goal-oriented concept. This works best together – with experienced specialists who look at the situation from different angles in order to then launch the most promising solutions and strongest marketing messages.

This is exactly where our customers can count on us. Because with our multi-faceted team, we combine all the important areas of digital and print. This enables us to transform the impact into ingenious and inspiring concepts with a gripping design. Simply get in touch with us so that we can discuss the details.

Brand-new concepts for all media – from classic to chichi

In close cooperation with the customer, we focus entirely on the specified goal and start with concentrated power in the conception: from comprehensive analyses of the status quo to joint brainstorming and initial sketches through to mature implementation. Our customers can always rely on us: We stay on the ball until first we and then they are completely convinced. After all, our job as a digital agency is to strengthen the business success and value of the brand. Using the media that are best suited for this.

The client and our team of experts determine the exact project goals and stylistic direction. We are experienced in the entire spectrum of projects, from classic to extravagant. And we are always particularly pleased when we are allowed to take a new direction. So feel free to confront us with unusual challenges.

THINK forward – with our concept & design services

Goal-orientated design and a clear concept naturally run through all our products and media. This includes the following services, among others:

  • Web design: Creating engaging, user-friendly website layouts and designs that reflect the client’s brand identity.
  • UX/UI design: Designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for websites and apps to ensure a seamless and positive user experience.
  • Responsive design: customisation of website layouts and content to ensure optimal display on different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Branding and logo design: Development or revision of brand identities, including logo design, colour schemes, fonts and visual elements.
  • Graphic design: Creation of graphics and visual elements for websites, social media, adverts and other digital platforms.
  • Content design: Conception and design of content such as text, images, videos and animations to effectively convey the client’s message.
  • Landing page design: Designing landing pages to support specific marketing objectives such as lead generation or product sales.
  • Email design: Creation of appealing email templates and content for email marketing campaigns.
  • Banner and ad design: Development of banner ads and adverts for online promotions on various platforms.
  • Social media graphics: Creating visual content for social media platforms to drive engagement and brand presence.
  • Prototyping and wireframing: creating wireframed models and prototypes to visualise and test the design and functionality of websites and apps.
  • Accessible design: Ensuring that websites and apps are accessible and ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • A/B testing and optimisation: conducting tests and analysis to continuously optimise design and increase conversion rates.
  • Consultancy and strategy: Providing design strategies tailored to the client’s goals, as well as advising on current design trends and best practices.