WordPress WordPress - so easy

WordPress is one of the best known and most widely used content management systems (CMS) in the world of web design and development. Originally started as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into an extremely versatile and powerful software that makes it possible to create and manage websites, blogs, e-commerce portals and more. What makes WordPress so special is its user-friendliness and the large community of developers, designers and users who are constantly developing new themes, plugins and extensions to improve the functionality and appearance of WordPress websites.

WordPress – the first choice

With the CMS, you get a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily create and manage your website. The intuitive user interface of WordPress requires no programming knowledge and allows you to update content, images and other elements effortlessly.

Wide range of design options

WordPress offers a wide range of professional themes and templates that we develop and design individually for you, which then allow you to customize your website. Whether you want to create a company website, a blog or an online store, WordPress is ideal for this.

Expandability through plugins for additional functions

A major advantage of WordPress are the numerous plugins that can add additional functions and features to your website. Whether SEO optimization, contact forms, social media integration or e-commerce extensions – with the right plugins, we can easily expand the functionality of your website and adapt it to your needs.

WordPress and search engine optimization (SEO)

The CMS is search engine friendly by nature and offers numerous features to optimize your website for search engines. By using SEO plugins and the ability to customize meta tags, keywords and URLs, we can make your website more visible and achieve a higher ranking in search results.

WordPress – maximum security

Security is a crucial factor when choosing a content management system for your website. It offers a robust and reliable security architecture that protects your website from threats.

Regular updates

WordPress is regularly updated to close potential security gaps and protect your website from attacks. By installing updates and patches, you always stay up to date with the latest security standards and minimize the risk of security breaches.

User authentication and access control

The CMS offers a range of user authentication and access control features to ensure that only authorized users can access your website. You can define user roles and authorizations and ensure that sensitive information and functions are only accessible to certain user groups.

Protection against brute force attacks through blocking functions

WordPress has integrated protection mechanisms against brute force attacks, in which automated programs attempt to gain access to your website using different user names and passwords. The implementation of blocking functions after a certain number of failed login attempts increases the security of your website.

Security plugins for additional protection

A variety of security plugins are available for WordPress to further strengthen the protection of your website. These plugins offer functions such as malware detection, firewall protection, IP blocking and security monitoring to detect and ward off potential threats at an early stage.

SSL encryption for secure data transmission

WordPress supports the use of SSL certificates to encrypt data transmission between your web server and users. This protects confidential information, such as user login data or payment information, from unauthorized access and ensures the integrity of the data.