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Project management plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of web projects. At a time when the Internet has become a central medium for companies and organizations, web projects are often complex undertakings that require a structured approach. Effective project management for web projects involves planning, coordinating and monitoring all phases of a project, from conception and design to development, implementation and maintenance of the website.

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The best project management is in vain if it does not include a final evaluation and ongoing quality check, which is particularly important in order to carry out the fine-tuning required to achieve the desired efficiency and success. When managing projects, we are guided by the principles of “Total Quality Management”. With TQM, we pursue the goal of introducing quality into project management and guaranteeing it in the long term. Our basic idea is not to limit quality management to the technical functions for ensuring product quality, but also to specify the relationship between the company and its customers.

Our service provides you with a personal project manager who is your central point of contact for the duration of the entire project. Ideally, he or she will accompany you from the concept phase through to quality testing. Successful project management stands and falls with the decisions made. A great deal of experience and sensitivity helps immensely in making the right decisions. Our project manager brings the necessary expertise to the table and knows how to use it to your advantage.

Reaching the goal with clear communication

Project management requires skillful, clear communication between and at all levels of the project. The project manager therefore serves as the central communication interface between all entities and project participants, ensuring that your wishes, ideas, schedules and budgets are implemented accordingly. This ensures that your project can be developed and continued in the shortest possible time in a way that optimizes success and costs.

Project management services

  • Collaboration in the conception of your project
  • Definition of schedules
  • Project management and control
  • Project management
  • Coordination of all project partners
  • Time & budget controlling
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Documentation
  • General project communication