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Professional website creation is an essential step for companies and individuals who want to be successful in the digital age. A well-designed and technically flawless website is more than just a business card on the Internet. It is a crucial tool for reaching potential customers, providing information, selling products or services and strengthening your online presence.

A center of innovation and digitalization

Welcome to Essen, a city known not only for its culinary delights, but also for its digital presence and diversity. As a digital agency, publitec has been at home in Essen since 1995 and is the perfect choice when it comes to creating professional websites and online stores. Find out why we are your ideal partner to optimize your digital presence in Essen and beyond.

Essen has transintioned into a major center of innovation and digitalization in recent years. With a strong economy and a diverse business landscape, the city offers an ideal environment for companies to succeed online. Whether you are a small start-up, a medium-sized company or an established corporation, we at publitec know how important it is to stand out from the competition with a professional website creation.

Your digital business card

Today, a modern and user-friendly website is essential to attract potential customers and generate new business opportunities. As an experienced digital agency, we understand the importance of a customized website that presents your brand in the best possible way and appeals to your target audience. From concept to design to development, we are here to help you create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically optimized for your target audience.


  • Experience and expertise: As an established digital agency, publitec has many years of experience and extensive expertise in the creation of customized websites and online stores. Our team knows the latest technologies and trends to ensure your website meets the highest standards.
  • User-friendly design and navigation: An engaging user experience is crucial to retaining and converting visitors to your website. Our talented designers at publitec will design your website with a focus on usability and intuitive navigation. We ensure that your visitors can navigate effortlessly through your content and always have a positive interaction with your brand.
  • Responsive design for optimal display: With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, it is essential that your website displays optimally on all screen sizes. At publitec, we develop websites with responsive design that automatically adapts to different devices, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone. In this way, we ensure that your content is presented optimally on every platform.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): A beautiful website alone is not enough to be successful online. At publitec, we have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and use proven strategies to make your website more visible in search engines. We optimize your site structure, content and meta tags to achieve a higher ranking in search results and generate more organic traffic.
  • Security and data protection: As a trusted digital agency, we place great importance on the security of your website and the protection of your customers’ data. We implement robust security measures to minimize potential threats and ensure the trust of your visitors.
  • Support and maintenance: Our service doesn’t end with website creation. At publitec, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance to ensure your website is always running smoothly. We are on hand to answer questions, make adjustments and updates to ensure your website performs as best as possiblr.

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