Internet agency publitec develops your online business

The internet agency publitec is a company in the world of digital marketing and web development. With a passion for innovative technologies and creative solutions, publitec has built an excellent reputation in the industry. Its expertise spans a wide range of services, including web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and online advertising campaigns.

Why an Internet agency?

The Internet is a constantly changing medium. This makes it extremely time-consuming to keep up to date with the latest developments. This is exactly what an internet agency aims to do: to stay on top of the digital transformation and to put our knowledge, our insights and our expertise at the service of our customers. Not convinced by the complexity of the subject matter? How much do you know about here?

Layout tables, responsive design, WebRTC, server hosting, WordPress, , QR codes and NFC, WooCommerce, SEO, SEA and SEM, hardware acceleration, web sockets, HTTPS and SPDY and many, you-have-no-idea-how-many more.

But don’t worry if you don’t understand all this stuff, because you’re really not alone. Since the dawn of the Internet, technologies and applications have been developing at a rapid pace. So it’s no wonder that competent and appealing services, whether convincing websites, sensible online stores or efficient and sophisticated server solutions, require the work of professionals.

This is where we come into play as an Internet agency. Our professionals are specialists in their field. To ensure that this remains the case despite the rapid pace of development, they are constantly undergoing further training so that they can continue to provide you with sustainable, up-to-date and future-oriented advice. Because sustainable service and lasting solutions for your wishes are part of our quality standards as an Internet agency.

Everything from a single source!

As a full-service Internet agency on the market since 1995, we offer a wide range of services that can be combined to form a successful whole. From the idea and conception to implementation, production and finally quality control and ongoing support, as an Internet agency we can serve all your ideas.

We are an internet agency for the development of individual internet applications and online marketing strategies. We develop a unique corporate image for you. We optimize your existing website or design and program a completely new one, depending on the needs of your target group and your ideas. You may also need an editorial system, also known as a content management system or CMS for short. We also cover online marketing, including search engine optimization, Google Ads, social media campaigns and much more.

Basic briefing – the first step in professional consulting

Only those who have something to say get into the media. It’s not the loudest who gets noticed, but the one who is creative with messages and topics, who tells good stories and uses current events. That is the basis of success. In addition, there is a clear profile, professional PR, good media relations, a type-appropriate image, interesting events, concise texts, clever use of social media, creative online marketing, effective advertising materials, meaningful publications, media know-how in theory and practice and added value for customers, the scene and journalists. Positioning is a question of entrepreneurial destiny. Position yourself now – sustainably and effectively.

That’s why a serious consultation always starts with an assessment of your needs. We as an Internet agency, just like you as a customer, work together to identify your ideas and wishes, which are essential and point the way to a focused objective.

Once the content concept has been created and the objectives formulated, it is a matter of determining the right methods and measures. If you need a content management system, for example, the question arises as to which one is right for you. We have specialized in the CMS WordPress and the associated store system WooCommerce. Other CMS such as TYPO3, Joomla! or store systems such as Shopware or Magento are also part of our tools to offer you as an internet agency innovative, timely and cost-oriented individual online solutions.


Internet agency philosophy

The pace of development on the Internet is accelerating all the time. For this reason alone, the performance of your Internet presence depends very much on the people who conceive, program, enter, design, control and maintain the content.

In this profession in particular, it is extremely important to be up to date, to recognize and evaluate opportunities and risks and to exploit the technical possibilities. However, communication between people not only follows fashions, but also ancient laws. Knowing this and incorporating it into our daily work is part of our concept for success.

With its enthusiasm, creativity and many years of experience, our team is able to develop the right mix for your specific requirements. Conception, programming, design and online marketing are in the best hands with us.

We draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience, which we use in a targeted and cost-conscious manner to ensure the success of your online project.
This guarantees what an Internet agency should offer:

innovative, target group-optimized and cost-oriented individual online solutions.