Building blocks for success Communication is the key to success

Communication in marketing is a fundamental building block for the success of a company or brand. It comprises a variety of strategies and tools that are used to convey messages, products or services to the target group. Effective communication in marketing goes far beyond the mere promotion of products. It involves understanding the needs and desires of the target audience, selecting appropriate channels and developing engaging messages that evoke emotion and build customer loyalty. In this short introductory text, we will take a look at the importance and different facets of communication in marketing.

Positioning workshop & basic briefing


Effective positioning is based on a well thought-out and transparent strategy, an analysis of target groups, competition and media and a clear definition of your personal and corporate goals, the desired impact and suitable measures. Added to this is the formulation of clear messages and core themes.

Issue management, agenda setting and story telling

Good and successful PR work requires good stories and optimal topic management. These are the prerequisites for being printed, quoted or published. Finding good stories is the real task of a communications consultant. Clear messages and the appropriate topics and reporting occasions are important here.

Communication design and media production

Make an impact – always and everywhere. Your external presentation, your image and the way you are perceived by others do not depend solely on you as a person. Your business documents and print and online media also contribute to this. Whatever you show, hand over, introduce or present: It is your business card and will influence your image and the trust in you, your company and your services. Make yourself unmistakable with a professional, tailor-made and individual market presence. Whether as a speaker, managing director or on a sales mission – you are always representing  yourself, your company, your products or your services.

Social media, online communication and online marketing

Effective positioning no longer works today without clever and interactive online communication. Anyone who is interested in you, your products, services and offers will first search for you on the Internet. It is not only important to be represented on as many channels as possible, but also to provide the right information to the right interested parties via the right channel. Activity on the Internet – always with a view to the overall communication strategy and efficient use of resources – is essential. Positioning is achieved through the integrative use of various online and offline media. Make a name for yourself – even on the worldwide web.

Image marketing and reputation management

Many small companies make an impact almost exclusively through their owners and the people involved. But even in large companies, only a few people are often present in public perception and shape the company’s image through their statements and appearance. If the acting and present persons fit the company, they strengthen the effect; if not, the profile becomes blurred and, in the worst case, the image even negative. The resulting impact and perception of people and companies and their interaction depends on many factors. For individuals, but also for companies, seals of approval, association commitments, awards and participation in professional circles are also important.

Formats and events

If you’re not visible, you’re not there. That’s why every company and every person who wants to be seen and achieve a positive image needs to hold their own and other people’s events. At events, trade fairs and presentations, you can demonstrate your expertise in a specific context and to a known target group. In addition to “being seen”, public appearances, presentations or a successful event are always a good opportunity for additional communication measures, your visible positioning and current press releases.

Copywriting and language services

Good media needs strong and effective texts. The right approach needs the right words – this applies to acquisition mailings, newsletters and brochures as well as to your website, your blog or your presence on social media portals. Correct texts and the right words are an important trademark and are at least as important as an attractive design. Language must be consistent, industry- and target group-specific and an expression of the company and brand philosophy – only then is it effective and becomes a strategic element. This applies all the more to multilingual and international appearances

Sales communication

Nothing is more decisive for corporate development and personal success than a functioning and effective sales organization. Sales alone ensure success or failure on the market. In addition to good products and a clever marketing strategy, the personal impact of the salesperson and their image and authenticity with potential target groups, customers and clients are also relevant for sales. However, selling is always a matter for the entire team – not just the actual salespeople. This is why a company and all its employees must subject every external and customer contact to the sales impact.